What's so cool about wool?

Posted on April 24 2016

The spring is already blooming in its most beautiful colors and we are more than ready to ditch all the warm clothes and footwear. We bury ourselves in bunches of light scarves, silk blouses and skirts of the fabric as delicate and thin as a spider web. Everything goes well until the evening. As soon as the sun hides behind the horizon, the weather instantly changes. Felted wool boots are a great option for such a contrasting weather, though it might not seem like a good idea at first.

Why we are wearing felted wool slippers even the temperature outside reaches +20C

Wool is usually associated with winters and falls, rains and snowstorms. When the sun is nowhere to be seen we tend to cover up with woolen sweaters and stick our feet into thick knitted socks. That is usual, that is traditional, but that is not all that wool can do. If you are like me and you own a pair of wool slippers, then you probably know, that they are impossible to put away even when the temperature outside reaches +20C/68F. Feet do not overheat even when it seems irrational to wear them. Allow me to try and explain how it works. 

Organic Wool FibersHandmade Wool Slippers

It’s all about a single wool fiber and its unique cone shape. When wool fibers get close together (and trust me they are really close when in felted wool) they form thousands of tiny air pockets around each of them. This porous structure makes wool exceptionally breathable – the air is free to circulate easily towards or away the body, depending on its needs. If your skin gets too warm the airflow goes towards the surface taking all the extra heat out and not letting any in. The process inverses when you start to cool down. 

Don’t believe me? Tell this to Bedouins who for hundreds of years all year round wanders in the dessert. What do you think their white gowns are made of? Yes, you guessed right, it’s made of wool. Those nomads cover themselves up, head to toes in wool, leaving only faces and hands bare. At daytime this works as a shade and heat repellent, at night – wool traps body heat inside and keeps dessert wanderers warm. 

What's so cool about wool?Womens Felted Slippers Lucite

The Evening got colder than you planned? No worries!
The climates we live in most likely are not as harsh as the one in the dessert but even the mildest springs can drop few unexpected chills. Drizzling rain? Wool will repel it (we will talk about this later, I promise). Evening got colder than you planned? No worries, felted wool slippers will keep you warm. Sneaky sun, that suddenly decided to burn the hell out of you? Stay cool with your wool shoes. There is no better material for the randomness of the weather than pure organic wool which, when touched by a skilled hand of a professional, becomes innovative and comfortable footwear. Wear them, enjoy them, customize and style them. If out of ideas, wait for my next blog post about the endless styling possibilities. Stay tuned! 

Jurga Talaikyte

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