Australia: One Thing that Calms the Fashion Bug

Posted on May 03 2016

Autumn, in spring? I am not sure I am getting the message here...

All the Europe is celebrating spring. May marks an end of it in Lithuania and other European countries. The nature is waking up, full of blooming daffodils, tulips and snowflakes, days are colorful and bright, it seems that the world is still celebrating Holi (the Indian color festival). However there is one place not like the others. It’s Australia.
As strange as it sounds Australian nature is slowly entering the state of peace and quiet, March was officially the first month of the Autumn there, so the weather is getting cooler, the wind is becoming a little breezier, and though the sun is still very bright it does not rise as high as it did in the summer.

The Fall Breeze Does Bring Some Changes, I Suppose?

Mix and Match Wardrobe Australia

Womens Eco Friendly Felt Slippers With Rubber Sole

Womens Organic Wool Slippers Rubber Soles

Mens Eco Friendly Felt Clogs Brown Rubber Sole

Mens Organic Wool Clogs Brown Rubber Soles

To prepare for the seasonal change Australians have to adapt their wardrobes. The colors of the fall are still vivid, but dusky, not as bright as they were until now. The clothes become thicker, netlike blouses and chiffon skirts must make room for turtlenecks, pants, cardigans and socks, silken scarves should swap places with the knitted ones. However I am not going to talk about the garments and fashion trends today. We all now, or if not, we can easily find out with a little bit of googling, what made it to the runways this season. Which garments are more desirable than others and what every self respecting woman should buy to cover her shoulders. And I have to admit, my focus is on summer trends (I will be discussing them a bit later in my posts), since there is still so much time until fall here in Europe. 
What I really want to talk about is the footwear suitable for Australian autumn. Of course, there many usual options, such as clogs, moccasins, ankle booties or slip on shoes, but WoolWalker gives you one more. Original, fresh, strange and trendy – wool felt boots! They have pairs of wool boots for her and in boots in men's sizes as well.

Womens organic gray valenki boots rubber soled

These handmade booties are made exceptionally by hand combining felted wool and rubber soles. Wool fibers do great job regulating temperature, so this wool footwear without a doubt keeps the feet warm. But besides the warmth and the comfort there is a thing that calms the fashion bug – it’s the endless variations of mixing or matching the colors of those wool shoes.

Mens Wool Slippers Rubber Soles

Mens Wool Shoes Gray Turquoise

Mix and Match

The minimalist form allows going crazy with colors without a risk to seem tasteless. You can always go bold and skip the color combos, by simply choosing the one that you love, for both: the rubber sole and the body (inside and outside wool colors). But at the same time you have the possibility to go bananas, add a trendy dash of airy blue, mustard yellow or aurora red to the already weird looking green or pink bootie. The only thing that could be even better would definitely be the swappable soles. As tricky as this idea sounds (and lets be realistic here, it might not be the most necessary) I bet that someday the WoolWalker will consider. For now, though, lets enjoy our freedom to mix and match easily. Let the imagination strive and stay tuned!

xoxo - Jurga


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