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3 Cool Ideas to Make Wool Shoes Even Cooler!
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3 Cool Ideas to Make Wool Shoes Even Cooler!

So you bought yourselves a pair of felted wool boots. Loved them on winter and somehow ditched them when the spring came. Oh what a mistake! Why would you do that? 
“Well.. it’s too warm for felted wool” you’d say and I would link you to my previous blog post about wool thermoregulation abilities then.
“Mmm... okay” you’d say “but it’s not matching seasons trends” and I would link you to this blog post. Today I want to have a quick talk, about how creative you can get, when adding a trendy spark on a regular woolen clogs.

The season almost reached its middle so the trends are already pretty obvious. Some of them are impossible to add to a shoe (however they combine with it beautifully) others – not only possible, but very simple to add as well.

Make it a disco wool instead of a disco ball!

Wool Slippers Sequins

Sunny summer days, there is no way they could get any brighter. Or so you think. But if you put a mirror in front of the light it doubles. Same is with the sunshine! Double it, triple it or even “hudredouple” it by adding as many tiny mirrors on your shoe, as you want. Like those Indian slippers, they look great with many little reflectors on, use this as a great example to create something similar on your own. Sequins also work as reflectors and are not as tricky to sew on to felted wool as mirror pieces, so you might want to try adding them on instead.

Forever fringe

Wool Shoes Tassels


The trendy fringe. It seems to hop in and out the fashion train occasionally. This season its on again. Let it hop on your wool boots as well. Felted wool is so easily customizable that it would be a shame not to try to sew something on it. A band of fringe around the ankle would look sweet. Take a long thin piece of leather and cut it in stripes (but leave a centimeter from the top uncut) forming a funny mustache-like detail. This is it! You have a fringe band which now can be used anyway you like: around the ankle, on the front of the bootie or covering its nose only. Let your imagination dance now. If you don’t have any leather by hand, create a tassel or two of colorful threads and ribbons – everyone will count it as fringe as well. Sew this flirty little detail to the side or the back of your bootie and enjoy.

Flower power your booties

Floral Wool Clogs
Spring is always about flowers. Flowers in the meadow, flowers in the vases, the scent of flowers and so on. You could know nothing about fashion, but flowers in spring is always a yes. Since there are fresh tulips and bells available, you might want to hide all the faux flowers you used to decorate your apartment in winter. Don’t do that! Don’t hide them! Pick each and every one, and sew them on your woolen mules, then go out and let these flowers feel the May wind for the first time.

Let’s create something together!

I hope I have inspired you to create something unique and personal of the already hip shoes. But adding details is not the only way to personalize WoolWalkers. As you already know, you can mix and match colors of the rubber soles, the inside and the outside of the wool shoes. Use this possibility, get creative. If you have an idea of creating a one of a kind woolen bootie, but don’t know how to bring it to life, feel free to comment or contact us so we could get creative together!




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