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The First Aid in Case of Cold Feet - Felt Boots

Cold feet are one of the most common complaints. We can find a lot of advice how to deal with cold feet. Wool Walker offers a simple decision how to help people who feel that their feet are cold. 

felt boots help in case of cold feet

The Felt Boots are handmade to order in Wool Walker Studio in order to help people with cold feet to feel a comfort in Cold Weather in Winter, Autumn or Spring Seasons. One of the coolest things about the Wool Walker felt boos (and felt slippers) is that they are handcrafted from 100% merino wool. No stitches, no knitting and no sewing! Here are no any "cold bridges" in the felt boots, so they are very warm and helps in case of cold feet. The wool felted boots are made with 100% wool and water only.

Why are Felt Boots so WOW?

Just imagine, there are unlimited customization options for you! Inside colours, outside lining colours, sole colours! 

Kids Boots Felt Boots at WoolWalkerKids felt boots handmade to order at woolwalker.com

You can put custom decorations on your felt boots. Suppose it could be the name of your favorite celebrity or the hit song melody. We invite you to express your individuality, your mood, your feelings or even your views on global warming by using Wool Walker shoes. Stand out from the crowd with Wool Walker felt boots!
And for more comfort – the wool boots come with a non-slip cork sole or vibrant a coloured rubber sole (10 different color options).

Mens felt boots Grey Red Sole Cold feet art Wool Walker  Eco Friendly Wool Felted Boots Brown Red Rubber Sole

Grey Wool Felted Boots Aqua Rubber Soled  Wool Walker Felt Boots Black Color Rubber Soled

 Wool Walker offers the all sizes felt boots for Women, mens boots, kids felt boots.

So you can easily walk down the street! Just sink your feet into Wool Walker Felt Boots and keep your feet toasty and comfy.