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How to Make Felted Cat Bed with Adorable Ears

Many people ask me How to Make Felted Cat Bed with Adorable Ears? It is International CAT DAY on 8 August, so I have decided to show you the whole felting process in order to make a beautiful no-sew bed for our furry friends. Surely they deserve something cozy to snuggle up in as well right!? This is a great opportunity to give your cat a new house that is warm, comfy and natural.
Let me show you the DIY Cat Bed felting process of a different Cat Cave - this time with Adorable Ears.
 This seamless felted cat house / cat cocoon is made by hands using a special hand felting technique (wet felting) using only pure wool, hot water, soap and love.

What inspires me to  make felt houses for cats

I have started to felt houses for cats a few years ago when my first cat was alive. He was so old, blind (you can see these blind black eyes) walking with difficulty, always felt cold even laying on his sheepskin mat. Once I thought I should make wet felted wool cat cave for my cat. And this idea was proved and just perfect. My cat spend his last years sleeping in his felt cave like a shelter and never felt cold anymore. He passed away two years ago on April, being 24 years old....he was my sweetest black cat. I miss him so much.... 
Here are some pictures of my black cat sitting in a felted cat bed cocoon. 

Felted Cat Cave with Paw


Now I have another smart, cute, playful tabby cat. He is sitting in a Felted Wool Cat Bed Cocoon.

Peek a boo.... Peek a boo ....I'm not a kangaroo :)

Lets play with wool and make DIY Felted Cat Bed with ears

I always liked the minimalist style and you can see the contemporary styled felted slippers at my shop Wool Walker. I am checking Pinterest or other sites for modern style and trying to find what pod-shaped beds, cat houses, cat beds look cool, up-to-date, what are cat-style trends, comfortable beds for pets and  eye catching for their mamas and papas, and of cause good looking in your house interior concept :) 

Meow..meow....murrr meow....What color of my bed to choose? Marsala or Black ?


For your cat bed you can choose any color you like: black, grey, marsala, yellow, blue, even white or green.... 

Perhaps you are already familiar with wool. Wool can be transformed into felt using the techniques of wet felting and needle felting. I use some needle felting techniques in order to make the decorations for wool felted slippers: a pair of felted slippers with musical notes or to make the felted hearts for wool felted house shoes or to make bunny felted slippers or to make wool felted horses and other beautiful elements. 
Using wet felting technique you can transform shapeless wool fibers into felt balls (check the felted slippers with felt balls), felt flowers, felted slippers and felted cat beds of cause, these projects are relatively complex, that requires more experience.

First of all you need to have more than 5 hours for felting (TV and snacks breaks not included:) The felted cat bed with ears project consists of a few parts: preparing the template, laying out the wool, light touching and felting with hands, hard touching and felting with bamboo mat. And finally the shaping to get the beautiful form for cat bed with ears. 

You need about 500-700g merino wool to make Cat Bed Size XL:
Width - 50 cm / 19.685"
Depth - 37 cm / 14.57"
Height - 42 cm / 16.54"
This size of cat bed is for cats weight 4-6kg

Welcome to watch the making process in 100 times faster video and see the details.




Why this Wool Felted Cat Cave is so gooood for your Cat?

Cat House has an adorable twist -  cat ears! This Cat Bed with Ears is an unusual and playful detail for your home interior as well.

As I have mentioned above, the cat cave is perfect hideaway cat beds from cold temperatures or for older cats. Cats are fond of heat, so they must be kept in a warm environment. This felted cat bed is the excellent protection from the cold for less furry breeds of cats such as Sphinx, Cornish Rex and also it is the perfect trendy house for your every modern cat who loves the nature. 
This felted shelter is your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs, and ensures privacy.

This is a cozy and comfortable bed for your cat is handmade from natural merino wool. Cat's cocoon bed, can provide just the right space for your kitty to curl up and settle in.



Think of a felted cocoon as a warm, comforting space for Cats. 

Always be sure to ask your cat how much he/she likes the new house? What is his favorite color? If your cat loves flowers, that means he like green colors :) ...And even if he did not immediately like his new cat house, let your furry friend to settle down, to play with or do some scratches on the house.


p.s. I am a big fan of cats :)