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Japanese Will Wear Wool Slippers Handmade in Lithuania
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Japanese Will Wear Wool Slippers Handmade in Lithuania

Wool Walker Wool Slippers at Interior Life Style Exhibition 2016

February 29 - March 2, 2016

Lithuanian Handmade Wool Slippers and Felt Boots Brand WOOL WALKER will represent the latest their design products in an annual "Lithuanian lifestyle exhibition" that will be announced at the very beginning of March at Japan Lithuania Exchange Center in Tokyo, Japan.

"We are particularly excited about this great opportunity to represent the company's exclusively original wool footwear and lifestyle designs to potential Lifestyle products buyer in Japan", stated Dovile Sirmulyte, CEO and leading designer at Wool Walker. 

Pink Dots Wool Booties for Kids Wool Walker Wool Slippers

Each pair of wool slippers and boots is handmade at WOOL WALKER'S studio in Vilnius, city of Lithuania. "Wool needs a lot of hard work and patience, but the result is worth the effort. The oldest non-woven textile craft rose to a new life and we are proud to share the traditional wool felting techniques with trendy fashion shapes and colors with our customers around the world", says Dovile. 

The customers from Japan are very interested in these models of wool slippers, felted wool boots and design products that are made by WOOL WALKER.

Cat Beds, Cat Caves - No stitches, no sewing - Handmade from 100% Organic Wool. 


Men's Wool Slippers, Clogs and Boots Collection  - 100% Pure Wool and Rubber Sole - For Indoors and Out. 

Mens Wool Slippers Clogs Dark Grey Green Color Sole

Mens Wool Slippers Felt Slippers Charcoal Color Sole

Women's Wool Slippers, Clogs and Boots Collection  - 100% Organic Wool and Rubber Sole (10 Colors to Mix and match) - For Indoors and Outdoors. 

Womens Color Rubber Soled Felted Slippers Pom Pom Dots

Womens Eco Friendly Felt Mules Love Heart Contrast Sole

Womens Felt House Shoes Grey Contrast Sole

New Design - Coming Soon - Kid's Wool Booties

The brand WOOL WALKER was founded on 2010 year and focuses on markets in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. They sell to retail customers and offer the wholesale.

For more information, please contact dovile [at] woolwalker.com