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Australia: One Thing that Calms the Fashion Bug

Autumn, in spring? I am not sure I am getting the message here...Australian Fall Wool Shoes
All the Europe is celebrating spring. May marks an end of it in Lithuania and other European countries. However there is one place not like the others. It’s Australia. To prepare for the seasonal change Australians have to adapt their wardrobes and footwear for the cold season.  But besides the warmth and the comfort there is a thing that calms the fashion bug. The minimalist form allows going crazy with colors without a risk to seem tasteless.

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How to Make Felted Cat Bed with Adorable Ears

 Many people ask me How to Make Felted Cat Bed? How long does it take to felt a house for your cat? Did you know that it is International CAT DAY on 8 August? This is a great opportunity to give your cat a new bed that is very warm, cozy and modern looking. Let me show you the DIY Cat Bed felting process of a different Cat Cave - this time with Ears. By the way, the felting process takes time and if you think the felting and working with wool is not for you, just select your favorite shape of Wool Felted Cat Bed and I will make it specially for your furry friend.

Color Meaning. What Color Felt Slippers To Choose?

Color meaning of felt slippers at woolwalker

Wool Walker felt slipper color meaning is that you can mix and match the color of felt slippers depending on your personality, your mood and your feelings! The womens slipper and mens slipper colors could attract attention without having to say a word.  What your shoe color say about you?

Trendy Marsala Color Felt Slippers

Marsala felt slippers with Cork Sole

You ask, what color exactly is Marsala?
It is burgundy, dark red, sangria, red wine, a gorgeous terracotta red shade, ruby – often referred to as the “rich” colors.
Wool Walker offers the fashion slippers, felted slippers and felt boots, and is inviting to combine the wool felt colors in order to have your trendy felt footwear. Wool Walker wool felted footwear offers fierce warmth and comfort.