Wool Walker
Handmade to order Ethical wool shoes and felt boots. WOOLWALKER wool shoes, valenki, felt boots and house slippers are handmade from Eco Friendly organic wool that is sustainably and ethically sourced to ensure that absolutely no harm is done to the sheep.
Today it is already possible to gather wool in a way that causes no harm or pain to sheep–aka cruelty-free wool.
At WOOLWALKER studio we make felt shoes and wool boots from organic, undyed and cruelty free wool that is sourced from cruelty free, local small organic farms.
We use the natural and sustainable wool that has not been dyed or treated with chemicals, washed in cold temperatures, often by hands, not machines.
When making the felt shoes by hands, we use wet felting technique, we add only natural olive oil soap in order to stick together the wool fibers.
After the felting process the soap is washed using cold and hot water. All shoe felting process is made by hands, which means the wool saves water and energy.

All this makes WOOLWALKER felt shoes and boots perfectly in line with the slow-fashion, etchical, less-is-more consumer mindset that’s necessary for a cleaner fashion industry.
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