Wool Walker

Gifts that wow! Unique Gifts Ideas you find here! All Eyes on Your Shoes with Wool Walker. These handmade 100% wool felted slippers, boots, clogs and shoes will catch everyone's eye! Snug, Colorful and Comfy - Ideal for everyone's Taste. Warm and Contemporary all above. 

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How colors reveal our personality? Just relax and watch the wool colors to decide which color best suits your style, character features or what color is friendly to your house interior? What wool color combinations would you like to choose for your own Home Footwear?
Select your option from Trendy Color Palette 2016 and create a pair of felt slippers that color blocks will meet the color palette 2016.

Wool Walker offers an unlimited customization options for you: solid color wool felted slippers, two-color felt slippers, solid colour felt boots. Do not forget to select the color rubber sole for felt slippers for more comfort. Mix and match colour rubber sole for custom made felt slippers! We make by hand each pair of Womens Slippers / Boots, Mens Slippers / Boots, Kids boots.

An exceptional opportunity to create felt slippers, felt boots, felt clogs in colors you like the most. Forty-nine (49) colors of wool. Ten (10) options of color rubber sole. Lets mix and match! This is the miracle. The Miracle of Christmas...

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