Wool Walker

Kids Bespoke Felt Boots 30 Colors Rubber Soled


Wool Walker offers Kids Bespoke Felt Boots in 30 Colors Rubber Soled that are the warmest style if your Kid suffer from cold feet. Keeps your kids’ feet warm and dry. Provides micro massage. The wool boots are also stylish, practical, beautifully made and long lasting too. Lets involve your child to the game and choose the favorite color felt boots. 30 trendy wool color options and 10 options of color rubber sole to mix and match.

Custom made Kids felt boot sizes EU 16 - EU 34Handmade to measure according your kid's foot length. And do not forget to add some length for the "future".

The felt boots are with non slip rubber sole that ensures the walking stability and foot comfort. Add more individuality by selecting the contrast color rubber sole (10 color sole options). Please tell us what color rubber sole and wool color you like to have in a field "Add special instructions for your order" that you'll find in your shopping cart.

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