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Welcome to Wool Walker!
My name is Dovile and I am Founder & CEO at Wool Walker - Shop Online Luxury Felt Slippers Inspired by Nature. If you will contact Wool Walker by email, you will receive the reply from me. Just drop me a line, ask everything about wet felting, wool felted slippers, felt clogs, the felting technique or ask me about how to find the felt slippers size and etc. I am here to help you, to discuss with you, to share my experience. I like to talk.


The wool felting came into my life about 3 years ago when I was visiting my countryside. Once I entered the attic of the house, opened the my great-grandmother’s antique chest and saw clouds of old gray wool. The spinning wheel was standing beside it. My Dad remembers his childhood when he wore very warm felt boots made ​​by his grandmother. My Dad’s stories have inspired me. From this it all began.

Wool Walker felt slippers look little bit different from those ancient ones or those made by my grand-grandmother. Here, Tradition meets Modern. I’m interested in new trends, fashion colors, and in making innovations. I have a very high priority on quality. The design behind the brand Wool Walker is the combination of clean lines and vibrant colours that together create a very unique and contemporary design of Womens felt slippers, Mens slippers and Kids felt boots.

During the last twelve years I worked in the various companies. This experience taught me a lot. Now I am doing what I really love. I create alone and strongly believe that everything is possible to make, if you put all your mind, creativity, experience and efforts in it.

I sincerely hope that you will like my designs and I will do my best to provide quality pieces and good service.

I make giant-sized men’s felt slippers as well as the normal-sized men’s, women’s and children’s felt slippers, felt boots. Wool Walker felted wool slippers can be worn outside and inside, you can choose them with or without water-proof rubber soles. All felt slippers are custom made to order in your size according the length of your foot.
I also want to mention that I can accept bulk orders of felt slippers and felt boots.

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