Wool Walker


  • Wool Walker Wool Felt Slippers are designed and hand-crafted in Wool Walker studio in Vilnius (Europe, country Lithuania). 
  • We make every pair by hand.
  • Gorgeous styles of felt slippers for women, men and kids in your choice of fit. Available in whole, half sizes & a choice of width.
  • Womens sizes from UK 2.5 / EU 35.5 / US 4.5 to UK 9 / EU 42 / US 11. 
  • Men's styles in whole and half sizes from UK 5 / EU  39.5 / US 6.5 to UK 14 / EU 48 / US 15. 
  • Kids sizes - according the foot measurements.
  • Wool Walker also offers a custom orders, large size slippers, wide size slippers, slippers for a specific needs as well. 

Each pair of wool felt house shoes is made in 6-10 hours using the wet felting / nuno felting technique. Felted slippers are made using hot water and ecological soap – one of the most sustainable processes in textile.

  • 100% Handmade from colorful Natural Australian Merino Wool and un dyed Eco friendly Lithuanian Wool.
  • No mass production. No mass manufacturing. Slow making process.
  • No any synthetic fiber.
  • Handmade with Love and with Positive Minds.


Felted slippers and felt boots do not need a special care. Please found more information here.


Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. What is the impact of the natural wool felt to your feet?

  • Wearing the felt slippers, your cold feet will be warm on a cold day and cool on a hot one due to insulation properties of the wool fibers.
  • Felt slippers and felt boots keep your foot warm and dry during the day.
  • Exceptional breath ability round all day. Year round comfort wearing wool felted slippers and felt boots.
  • Felt House Shoes protect from the cold in winter and also from the summer heat.
  • One Pair of color rubber soled felt slippers weights only as the 2-3 Apples (depending of felt shoe size) – actually about 250-400g or 0.4-0.8 lbs. Isn't this fantastic? The felt slippers are very soft and light.


Wool Walker offers 2 options of sole / bottom for felt slippers:

  1. Felted wool slippers  for outdoors - with handcrafted, non slip, waterproof, flexible, lightweight and long lasting rubber sole or cork sole. 9 options of color rubber sole to mix and match: red sole (the best seller), blue sole, black sole, aqua green sole (the best seller), white sole, grey sole, cork sole, yellow sole and light blue color rubber sole. This kind of high quality rubber sole for felted wool slippers is used by shoe making professionals. Rubber or cork sole for felt slippers is fixed with non allergic and non toxic glue. You can Mix and Match the color and the material of the sole (Rubber sole / Cork sole). Felt Slippers with rubber outsole are stable, non slip and safe to walk.  Check here the rubber soling options for felt slippers.

  2. Felt house shoes for indoors – the sole for this kind of slippers is layered with natural rubber-latex sole. This kind of rubber sole on Felted wool slippers is not slippery and safe to walk on the all kind of floors at home. We do not recommend to go outside with latex soled slippers.


  • The Felt slippers ensures the excellent foot rest after the working or the long walking day. 
  • Particularly suitable for chilly mornings or evenings.
  • Wool Walker offers to wear the felt clogs bare foot and to feel the effect of massage.
  • Womens felt slippers and mens slippers protects your feet from cold and hard floors.
  • Wool Walker offers the felt slippers that are especially comfortable to slip in for everyday walks or visiting Friends or just for running to check the mail.
  • This kind of felt slippers are so comfy to wear when you have to get up in the middle of the night to look after your crying baby.
  • Wool Walker slippers are excellent option for nursery and for a mom to be, because of their warming effect.
  • The wide range of our felt slippers are made with higher back. So the felt slippers won’t slip off when walking and will warm your heel pleasantly.
  • Easy to step into slippers, slip-ons are made without back / low back felt slippers.
  • Felt home shoes are so lightweight, that are so good to grab them when traveling or camping.
  • The original and well made felt slippers are the perfect gift for mom, gift for dad, birthday gift, wedding gift, Father's day gift, Mother's day gift, or simply a surprise for everyone.