Wool Walker

Size guide - WOOL WALKER felt shoes and wool boots table for size and measure conversion. In order to make a perfect fit pair for your. 100% organic wool. The shoe sizes given below serve as a guide. Women's and Men's shoes and boots size guides.

It is important to make the measurements of your foot length if you really want a well-fitted wool felt shoes and boots.

WOOL WALKER felt shoes and wool boots are handmade according to the following sizing tables.

Wool Walker Womens felt shoes and wool boots size guide

Wool Walker Mens felt shoes and wool boots size guide

To measure the size of your foot, stand on a level floor with your heel against a flat surface or wall.

Measure the length of your foot by placing a ruler on the floor along the inside of your foot, from the heel to the toes.

Place an object with a flat surface in front of your toes, touching the tip of your longest finger. Take note of the measurement (in millimeters or inches) that goes from the heel to the longest toe. This is the length of your foot.

You can also measure your foot length or the insole of your favorite shoe in order to find the correct size.

If your foot size is between two sizes, choose the largest. You may also find that you have one foot larger than the other and in this case you should always choose the oversized shoe. Or we can custom make she shoes for different foot lengths. In this case you need to contact us. 

Please also keep in mind that different shoe manufacturers use different shoe lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly.
WOOL WALKER felt shoes and wool boots are hand-made in any size according OUR SIZE CHART shown with each product.
Finding the perfect fit, please use your foot length and refer to the sizing chart shown with the every product listing. 
If you need more information please contact our Customer Support. We are here to help!