Wool Walker

Natural Linen Pleated Dress


Custom Sleeve Length Linen Japanese Dress Colors 2016. Wool Walker invites you to design your own pure linen dress: select the length of sleeves and trendy color (5 trendy colors of linen). Relaxed fit linen dress - the naturalness is totally in fashion. Linen Japanese dress can be worn in any kind of weather. It can even be worn in a hot and humid weather, because it is highly absorbent. 

Comfortable linen summer dress features some key fashion details, that express your minimalist style:

  • relaxed fit, relaxed waist, loose waist dress - for everyday outfit,
  • dropped waist, side pockets & minimalsit style side pleat,
  • below the knee length,
  • 5 trendy color dress: paloma, pyrate black, radiant orchid, yellow sand and lavender fog.

One important thing is that the dress is made from pre-washed the highest quality linen fabric. The linen dress will not stretch and shrink after washing, and the dress doesn't shrink anymore. 

Linen dresses are irreplaceable in summer, when travelling and/or in hot and humid climate. Complete the style with felt slippers / felt boots - perfect footwear in case of cold feet.

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