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Felt Cat Bed in Grey


Felt Cat Bed in Grey - Playful Felted Cat Bed, Minimalist and Contemporary Looking Handmade. The Felted Cat House for your Modern Cat. Excellent Cold Protection for Cats as Sphinx or Cornish Rex.
It's your Pet's Personal Space, designed to fit his or her individual needs and ensures privacy.

100% Wool

XL Size: Width -40 cm (15.75 inches) High - 40 cm (15.75 inches) - Rounded

Unlike other manufacturers, this Cave is very tightly felted, it is thick and retains a rounded shape perfectly.


- Warmth and Comfort for your Furry friends
- the Excellent Protection from the Cold for specific Less Furry breeds of cats as Sphinx, Cornish Rex and etc.
- Roomy Dome. Suitable for Thin and Thick Cats.
- Cats are fond of heat, so they must be kept in a warmth.
- The wool felted bed does not absorb odors, well-ventilated, moisture-proof, and multiple natural thing.
- The felted cat bed is well and quickly cleaned.
- Perfect interior Accent.
- Lightweight. Practical for transportation.
- Solid Shape Standing. Retaining the form.
- Retains the form after the delivery. It simple to give the volume back in 2-3 minutes.

 Custom Colors: can be made in Other Colors (red, green, white, brown, yellow, red and etc.) Please let me know when ordering.

Made to order in 10 days.
Ships internationally.

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